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Easy to wear extender device


The size, shape, and functionality of a penis is a very big concern to all men. If the size of the penis is smaller than 2.75 inches while erect, it means that the individual is suffering from a micropenis syndrome. A normal manhood measures 5.2 inches long. Research shows that 0.6% of the world’s male population have a penile less than the normal size, while up to 45% of men are dissatisfied and are willing to increase their manhood size. Many manufacturers sell different products, like pills, that promise the kind of penile enlargement that the interested party desires. Despite the large number of complaints claiming that these techniques/products have negative side effects, there are still men who go out of their way to try them.

Extender benefits

A group of scientists, Swedish and Danish, once brought their ideas together and designed a manhood enhancement tool, known as the SizeGenetics device. It is mostly used after a penile surgery to repair tissues, and help stretch the muscles, as a way of ensuring that the results of the surgery take effect. The tool exerts a stretching force to the penis, thus triggering tissue expansion. Cells thus increase in number, and as a result, the penis enlarges as it tries to create an extra space to accommodate the newly produced cells. The device fits perfectly to any penis size. The user is advised to wear it at least 5 hours a day for up to a period of four months.

Extenders do not have a complicated procedure of wearing them, for example, putting on a rod-shaped extender takes at most a minute of one’s time. Fit the manhood shaft base into the plastic base part, then choose a metal rod and spring size that would determine the amount of pressure to be exerted on the penis. Model S extender is also not accompanied by a difficult process of putting it on, and it allows one the chance to make adjustments when the tension increase.