Techno music festivals to attend in 2017

Music does not only make us move and experience things that are out of our reach, but it also makes us happier. Girls know this and that is why you can always find them on music festivals all across the word, especially the ones with techno and DJ music. This is a great way for them to combine the two things in life they love the most – traveling and good vibes. So why not join a friend, go out, and see the world, have fun and just leave all the problems behind you. If you were or are right now planning on where to go, then this is the right place for you, we have here a list of the most popular techno music festivals to come in 2017.


Where to go in 2017?

The time of festivals is summer, of course, but you know that on the southern hemisphere it is summer while here is winter, so there is no reason why not enjoy it the whole year long. Ask your friend where to go right now, pack your things and buy a plane ticket, it is easy as that, she will take care about the rest. Europe has also some quite popular festivals, so from May until late September it is Europe time. The girls there will be happy to know that you are coming, but to make sure you have one on your side, you should visit EROS right now and make some decisions before it is late.

Most anticipated festivals of 2017

From 15th to 25th April it is time to go either to the Netherlands or Barcelona, because that is when the DGTL Festival happens. Both cities, Amsterdam and Barcelona are having it, but not at the same time, so you have an opportunity to on a reprise, once more with your girlfriend. If you have never been to the Adriatic Sea, than the Sonus Festival is a great reason to do it next year, if not any other. It happens in Croatia, a beautiful country and the summer vacation place for almost the whole continent. There will be lots of techno music, sun, incredible sea and quite a few ladies, so don’t miss it under any circumstances.

There are not a lot people who have never been to Paris, it is the culture capital of the world, the Eiffel Tower is there and romance can be found on every corner. The ones who have been there know how incredible it would be to visit France once more, and the ones who haven’t should hear about the Weather Festival. It is the most anticipated techno music event of the whole region which brings almost every girl to the town, together with tens of thousands of other people. The same is with Eastern Electrics in Hatfield in the United Kingdom, which is the birthplace of awesome and modern festivals. One should never forget to mention Coachella and other big ones, which are not techno entirely, but still have some vibes for everyone. The dates to most of these are not yet announced, but we will keep you posted and let you know when it is time to reserve your place for the biggest events of the following year.